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WW1 Roll of Honour and Photos

Restored hand written St Tudy Roll of Honour  (Click to see)

Church Photo Montage (click to see)

Church Photo Montage with position numbers.

Church Photo Montage Central text. (click to see)

Transcript of the Church Book of War Records 'Key to the Pictorial Record'

St Tudy Roll of Honour of those who served in the Great War 1914-1918

Number = Position on Photo Montage       RIP= Those who died in the war and listed on the War Memorial (Total 14)

Click on a name for the individual biography and photo if available.

           Edward Allen

    22  Charles Atkinson Dr RIP

    23  Herbert Rowse  Bastard

           Rupert Bicknell

           William Briars

           William Brown

           Gordon Burden RIP

    12   Hedley Burden

    57   Wilfred Burden

           James Burnell

           Fred Button

          Thomas Button

          William Button RIP

    62  Charles Chandler

    54  William Hawke Collins

          Alfred John Colwell (Colwill) RIP (Commemorated on Camelford War Memorial)

          Richard Cory

    59  Warwick Couch

          Sydney Coumbe

          Alexander Crocker

          Charles Crocombe

          Frederick Curtis

          Hedley    Dennis

          William   Fisher

     24 Leonard John Garland

          William Hatch

          Albert  Hawkey

    17  Mark Hewett

    49  Harry (Herbert) Hocken

          Edward Holmes

    15  Harry Hooper RIP

    47  James Hooper

    34  John Hooper

          Richard James

    39  Harold Kent

          William Kidston

          George Knight

          Harry Knight

          Samuel Langford  RIP

   64   Charles Lobb

          William Lobb

    16  Arthur Curgenven Magor RIP

          Albert Mannell RIP

    19  Sir Arthur May KCB

          Frederick May

          Harry Mitchell

    14  Frederick Morrish

    60  Thomas Morrish

    29  William Charles Morrish RIP  

    37  Edgar Moyse

    28  William John Moyse

          Abel Neal

          Arthur Nicholls

          Charles Nicholls

    38  Frederick Nicholls

    40  Jack Nicholls RIP

          James Nicholls

    31 John Lawry Nicholls 

         Alfred Osborne RIP

     8  William Osborne

         Sir Roger Onslow  Bt

         William Onslow

      3  George Arthur Parsons RIP

         William Piper

         Alfred Pryor

         Henry Pryor

   51  William J. Pryor RIP

         Owen Pryor

         Frederick Radford

         Sidney Radford

    18  Annie Richards

         William Richards

    53  Edgar Sleeman

    52  Herbert Sleeman

          Percy Sleeman

          William Thomas

          Arthur Warne

    44  Albert Whale

          Arthur Williams

    35  Walter Williams

          Thomas Winn

         Albert Worden

    10  Albert Charles Worth RIP

     1  Alfred Sloggett Worth

    11  Cyril G.H.Worth RIP

         Frederick A. Worth

         Stanley Worth

     9  William John Worth

         William Yeo










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